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  Enabling individuals and companies alike to create and Offer or Seek targeted marketing solutions to meet the growing demands of non-traditional marketing...  
...focused on equalizing conventional marketing methods by harnessing the creativity, knowledge, agility, and diversity of the Web. Because when it comes to marketing, the only limit is imagination...
  You have a unique marketing
solution to offer...
1. List details & price
2. Receive bids or a "buy"
3. Finalize details and sale
  You have a unique marketing
need to be met...
1. List details & budget
2. Receive bids
3. Select best bid
  Find existing marketing needs to be met...
  Unique marketing solutions
being offered...
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Why Adzood ?
  A fundamental shift from traditional marketing and ad agencies has taken hold. Agencies, consultants, and individuals which are more agile, tech-oriented, enthused, and in better touch with consumers are pushing the envelope of marketing....
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